I have set up siteengineering.info to help you get a job in construction as a site engineer or civil engineer.

I work for a main contractor and outline the daily duties of a site engineer, what is expected of a site engineer and how to be successful on site as a site engineer.

I will also cover information about civil engineering and civil engineering qualifications, as well as expected salaries and a civil engineers additional benefits when working for a main contractor in the construction industry.

At a later date, I will reveal entry points into the construction industry as well as  professional contacts, which agencies to use and which to avoid, along with getting your first job as a site engineer and keeping it.

I hope you find this website and its information useful and join in with the discussions in the comments below each blog.

“Becoming a site engineer” is not about sitting in university for years studying maths, nor is it only about putting a building in the right place, these aspects of engineering do play part in the overall job but only makes up a very small part of  a site engineers day.

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